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Spa and wellness represent a fast-growing industry. According to SRI international, the wellness industry cluster has a market share of nearly $2 trillion dollars globally.

Despite growth, however, the sector is still challenged by market gaps in terms of the supply and demand for skilled workers for companies worldwide.

Finding a new approach to this challenge, top spa and wellness companies like Massage Envy are now taking a more proactive and partnership-oriented approach towards management workforce development. The company, founded in 2002, has created a new category in the wellness industry by designing an innovative pathway to professional, convenient, and affordable massage therapy and spa services.


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An example of its initiatives is its wide network of therapeutic massage and spa services in 1,000 clinics in 49 states. Moreover, the company’s network of franchises has employed approximately 21,000 therapists and 3,000 aestheticians in order to fulfill its promise of reaching wider communities.

To ensure quality among all its sites, the spa and wellness company also strategizes its network business by providing comprehensive training and support for its partners, focused on building a profitable massage business and strong brand identity.

As the spa and wellness industry continues to surge in various markets, it is essential to invest significant efforts into training and attracting a professional workforce that caters to the increasing demand for quality spa services. The same proactive approach should also extend to customers, who have evolving expectations from the industry.



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