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Image Source: massageenvy.com

Most major cities, and many minor ones, house hundreds of massage practitioners. Practitioners enjoy the ability to lay on their hands in such a way that it helps their customers or patients feel better. Furthermore, it does not require the investment in education, and knowledge of science, needed by other licensed health practitioners, such as nurses, physicians, chiropractors and naturopaths. Finally, many massage therapists like the fact that they can help someone feel better without drugs or surgery. While there are good intentioned people who want to help you through massage, it is important to ascertain answers to the following questions before you make an appointment for such therapy:

1. Are the massage therapists licensed and do they follow policies and procedures required by the state or other licensing agency? If you look on its web page, you will see that Massage Envy requires this credential of its therapists. It is the best way to ensure that you receive proper technique that will help and not hurt you.

2. Is the therapist a specialist in at least two techniques? Ideally, you want your masseuse to have expertise in Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage uses light and medium pressure, while deep tissue emphasizes hard pressure. In combination, these two approaches can help many people, which is one reason that Massage Envy requires this expertise from its masseuses.

3. Does the massage center offer an eclectic mix of techniques? Massage envy therapists can administer reflexology, sports massage, geriatric massage, cranio-sacral technique, trigger point therapy and more. It is helpful to have a mix of techniques available since your problem may not respond to just one method.

4. Are there estheticians available who are educated and licensed? It is a nice benefit to be able to get a specialized facial during your visit to the massage clinic. It will enable you to feel completely refreshed.

Massage is composed of specially-taught techniques. Do not subject your well-being to the attempts of an amateur. Visit Massage Envy‘s website for more.