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Sufferers of chronic discomfort have likely tried nearly every available pain remediation tool. Prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and surgery are expensive, sometimes dangerous and occasionally unreliable treatments, and while they might be effective in the short term, it is very possible that these remedies could lead to other problems later on.


People who suffer from chronic pain find day-to-day activities hard to manage, and might find it difficult or even impossible to hold down a job or cope with the rigors of caring for a family. This being the case, monetary considerations are important, since those suffering from constant pain might not be able to earn sufficient income. For people who might not be able to afford large-scale pain management solutions, massage therapy can provide tremendously effective relief for a number of ailments.


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If you suffer from arthritis or back pain, for example, regular massage therapy can not only provide relief and increased range of motion, but also help to release natural mood-enhancing and pain-reducing chemicals in the brain. Additionally, massage helps to facilitate deep, restorative sleep, which can also help to mitigate the effects of chronic pain.

Massage Envy, the innovative massage therapy resource, offers a variety of massage techniques designed to address different physical issues. With regular, soothing massage, a sufferer of chronic pain can minimize his or her dependency on pain killers, increase mobility, enhance mood and improve quality of sleep. Massage Envy Spa offers membership packages at affordable prices, so that clients requiring regular services can avail themselves of effective massage therapy without breaking the bank.

Massage Envy has multiple convenient locations throughout the United States, and offers spa services in additional to professional massage. If you are interested in learning more about the many services offered by Massage Envy clinics, please visit their website for more information.