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When your muscles ache or you are experiencing chronic pain, a nice hot bath and a good night’s sleep can only do so much. For many individuals, a quality massage performed by a professionally licensed massage therapist is the key to unlocking a brand new level of physical comfort and rejuvenation. Massage Envy Spa prides itself in offering several types of massages, all aimed at targeting your body’s specific need and bringing you the healing your body longs for.

One commonly selected massage is cranial sacral therapy, which addresses your spinal column and head’s bones. This type of therapy is designed to release compression and thus alleviate pain and stress by restoring your bones’ natural position. This is perfect for those suffering from stress associated with chronic injuries in addition to temporomandibular joint – or TMJ – disorder, back pain, neck pain and migraine headaches.

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About 28 million people in the United States have migraines, research shows, and these migraines often stem from poor sleep or stress. However, research also shows that those who undergo cranial sacral therapy enjoy better sleep and suffer from fewer migraines compared with those who do not.

A Massage Envy Spa hot stone massage is another popular way to melt away tension. This type of massage increases your metabolism and circulation, and it eases muscle stiffness. Smooth stones that are water-heated are placed at key areas of the body; then, a quality customized massage is performed using hot stones to deliver the best results.

The heat from the stones relaxes your muscles so much so that your therapist can access your deeper layers of muscle. The heat also expands your blood vessels, thus encouraging blood flow. When you are suffering from chronic pain or simply need to reduce stress, the right massage at Massage Envy Spa can rapidly give you the deep relaxation and pain relief you desire.