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Life can easily get stressful during the holiday season. Between orchestrating Christmas gatherings and figuring out what Christmas gifts to buy loved ones, the holiday typically characterized by “peace” and being “jolly” often causes anxiety and frustration instead. The holidays are an ideal time to treat yourself to a well-deserved massage from Massage Envy Spa.

Massage Envy Spa allows you to actually customize your massage so that you achieve the results you desire. A one-hour massage provides essential therapeutic relief by allowing you to receive focused relief of your tension areas or enjoy a full-body massage. A one-hour massage is also beneficial for those who are simply looking for a period of relaxation and mild stress relief. Some of the most popular massages performed during a one-hour session are the deep tissue and Swedish massages.

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A massage session that lasts 1.5 hours is recommended for those who need complete therapeutic relief. During this span of time, you can take advantage of a fully body massage and receive relief in core areas that cause pain, stress, and tension. A massage lasting one-and-a-half hours is indicated for a person who has been experiencing persistent pain or tight muscles. Prenatal and sports massages are perfect for this time frame.

Lastly, you may opt to receive a two-hour massage for maximum therapeutic relief. You will receive a full body massage and experience the dedicated relief of pain or stress that is chronic. In addition, you can enhance any of your massage sessions by adding aroma therapy, which involves the use of fragrant oils to increase the benefits of your massage. Deep muscle therapy or sugar foot scrub therapy can also be added to provide you with a more satisfying and refreshing experience. While you are busy trying to take care of everyone else during the holiday season, Massage Envy Spa can take care of you.