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Massage is not only for the athlete or the workaholic adult. Even the home’s little angels also need soothing caress and tender touches to improve their health.

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Infants find gentle massage very relaxing. According to health experts, it can even be therapeutic. At birth, touch is the most developed of the five major senses, and there have been studies that suggest that infant massage offers vast benefits for helping babies grow and thrive.

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Massage helps relieve babies’ tummy troubles and teething pains, improve their muscle development, calm them when they are a little irate, and soothe them to dreamland. However, the good things it does expand way beyond this list. A gentle baby rub is also useful in creating stronger bonds between parents and their children. All the stroking and touching make it easier for the newborn to give his or her “trust” to the one doing the massage. Additionally, giving the baby a massage can help the parent find his or her own inner Zen.

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While massaging the baby right after birth is not encouraged, parents can start doing so once they get home from the maternity hospital. Both parents can do the massage as long as only the right amount of pressure is applied. Watching how-to videos in the Web or reading books about infant massage will help a lot. For a more professional assistance, visiting a massage center will not hurt.

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