Medical studies have shown that massages can relieve pain caused by tension headaches. The authors of these studies found that massage therapy should be used not only for relaxation but as an alternative means of treatment for certain conditions.

The most common condition that can be relieved by massages is body pain in areas such as the back, neck, and head. Tension headaches, in particular, are easily remedied by massages. As the term suggests, tension headaches are the most common form of headaches, triggered by muscle contractions caused by the stress of emotional problems. These types of headaches could lead to more severe medical conditions such as sleep apnea or even mental depression. Furthermore, health practitioners have found that constant and continual stress – including the symptomatic tension headaches – can wear the body’s immune system down, making an individual more prone to illnesses or diseases.

Image source: webmd.com

Massage therapy can dramatically reduce the stress felt by the body and soothe tense muscles around the head area. Done frequently, tension headache massages have been found to decrease the perceived pan and tension and can reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of the occurrences.

Some people, however, do not like having their head touched during massages. Massage therapy can then also be done solely on the body to relieve the tension headache. Body massages may have weaker efficacy with regards to tension headaches, but the goal is to reduce the amount of stress an individual feels and promote relaxation. Any form of massage therapy, then, helps in this area.

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