Sometimes people need more than just a massage. They deserve a massage that releases stress and brings healing to the internal body parts. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese treatment of massaging a person’s feet to reach out to energy channels corresponding to different systems in the body.

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Practitioners of reflexology know more than just giving a good foot rub. By applying pressure to the foot using the thumb and forefinger, they target corresponding body parts such as the heart, brain or digestive system. Some reflexologists will ask for a person’s medical condition before starting the session and then target those points in the foot for the duration. If a person doesn’t want to a foot massage, he or she could opt for a hand massage, as the hand also has energy channels that correspond to some of the body’s functions.

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The Chinese believe in Qi or the energy channels in a person’s body. A blocked Qi causes negative energy, thus causing pain, diseases, and fatigue. As there are thousands of nerve endings in the feet, one way to take care of the rest of the body is through a foot massage. Most people might feel refreshed only after this kind of massage but a 10-20 minute session can improve circulation and improve one’s mood greatly.

On an ordinary day, wearing uncomfortable shoes or harried movement usually batters the feet. Reflexology is the best treatment for the body part that is most used but neglected. It is also a channel for both the mind and body.

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