Sitting at work all day seems like a breeze, but actually, it can cause quite a lot of health problems. A good way to combat these negative effects is through massage therapy. Here are some of the benefits of massage for those with 9-to-5 desk jobs:

Reduces stress

Work is inherently stressful, especially when a tight deadline is coming up and your boss is breathing down your neck or when you have to prepare a big presentation to the higher-ups. Massage therapy will help lower your stress levels immensely by taking rid of muscle and tissue tension.

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Relieves pain

Sitting in an office chair and having to stare at a computer all day definitely takes its toll on your health. Headaches and back pain are some of the side effects of this daily grind. Visit a massage therapist to address these ailments so you can work better and more efficiently. Plus, less pain equals less stress.

Improves posture

The human body is designed for motion: walking, running, dancing, etc. So being stuck in a chair all day may result in slouching and poor posture. Massage therapy can remedy this by encouraging correct spine shape and back support.

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Better circulation and mobility

Staying in a certain position for an extended length of time can cause stiffness and slow down the flow of blood in your body. Massages can promote proper blood circulation and can restore movement to stiff and aching muscles.

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